Learn spanish inmersed in our local culture

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or you have taken several Spanish classes before, our flexible courses are customized to fit your needs and completely personalized to your level, skills and available time.

Spanish for business

The program develops content that will allow students to learn Spanish within the commercial and business environment. The material used is related to the economy and business of Latin America.

To enroll in this course it is necessary to have completed level B2. 

Conversation courses

The Course develops content that will allow students to improve their knowledge of Spanish through conversation. The material used is related to topics of general and current interest. By engaging in conversation about these topics, students will be able to discuss points of view, give opinions, express preferences, likes and dislikes, among other communicative functions.

To enroll in this course it is necessary to have completed level C1. 

Training for spanish teachers

We offer a preparation course for those who wish to teach Spanish in different social contexts. This course has been designed for non-native speakers of the Spanish language who have a complete command of the language. The focus of this program is theoretical and practical. It includes observation and planning of Spanish classes for foreign students.

To enroll in this course it is necessary to have completed level C2. 

History and Local Culture

This course is aimed at advanced Spanish students who are interested in knowing the fundamentals of Argentine history and culture. From the study of Argentine history and culture, students will be able to develop linguistic skills, including oral proficiency, written proficiency and listening comprehension. Authentic materials such as films (documentaries and fiction), radio programs, historical documents and literary productions are used. Outings and excursions are also organized in different areas of Buenos Aires.

To enroll in this course it is necessary to have completed level C2. 

Spanish + Tango

Tango has become an international phenomenon. It is popular in several countries of the world, but it is Argentine, and no one can teach you to dance it better than us.

We know everything about this dance: its sensuality, its essence. This course is ideal for tango lovers and for those who still don't know much about it but can imagine it.

The Spanish + Tango Program combines Spanish classes and tango classes taught by expert “tangueros” (tango dancers). 

Volunteer programs

At DWS Spanish School, we work as a team together with Voluntariado Global, a non-profit civil association, formed by volunteers with the fundamental objective of promoting changes in the reality of marginalized families. We see to:

- Promote processes of improvement in the quality of life and in the acquisition of resources.
- Provide solutions or alternatives to direct, everyday problems, through education, health and work.
- Generate awareness, knowledge and tolerance through cultural exchange, as well as revaluation of traditions and values of different cultures.
- Create links of cooperation, friendship and acceptance between the three sectors (state, industry and civil society) within the framework of mutually beneficial alliances.

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Buenos Aires

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Recoleta - CABA.

Our privileged location in Recoleta, one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, not only allows us to create a relaxed environment to study, but also makes it easy for our students to go for a drink or a coffee after class on one of the beautiful cafes nearby.

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